Our Vision

CME Sports Lighting strives to be the best in its class by offering a superior product with regard to the standard of workmanship and knowledge, safe working procedures, practices and policies and the installation of quality apparatus. With electricity being an integral part of our lifestyle and the foundation for our quality of life, there is a continuing need for products and services to harness its use.

Being conscious of our values, both individually and as a team, we are committed to:

  • Delivering on our promises
  • Being honest with our clients and with each other
  • Provide quality customer service and advice
  • Promoting the safe use of electrical energy
  • Being creative and determined in the expansion of our capabilities, knowledge and skills
  • Being recognised and rewarded for our abilities, achievements and advancements
  • Encouraging and exploring alternative forms of energy generation
  • Promoting the health and well-being of our clients, our staff and our environment